10 mistakes you are making with your suits

We hope you’re not committing any of these suit faux pas…

EDGAR staff August 31, 2014

Let’s be honest, suits are the epitome of dressing to impress. They provide the wearer with the right amount of confidence and are the ultimate gentleman’s fashion statement.

Of course, this is only when suits are done right; there are far too many details suit wearers tend to overlook which can put a dent in the suit’s impact. We had a sit down with Bharat Parmar from Parmar Tailors in Dubai to find out the 10 common mistakes you may be making with your suits.

1. Not wearing the right suit to the right occasion

Different occasions have different settings and atmospheres, therefore you need to dress for the occasion and differentiate between. For instance, the preferred suit to wear to a wedding would be a light grey or even a blue, but for a job interview you should stick with a dark navy or black suit.

2. Wearing a shiny suite

The trend of shiny suits died in the 1970’s and should have stayed dead. But for one reason or another, this trend made a comeback in the last few years. The problem with a shiny suit is that it can give off the wrong vibe of a dodgy Las Vegas dweller. Take a look at Jeremy Renner for example. suitmistakes2 3. Buttoning the jacket too high or too low

The rule is to always keep the last button unbuttoned. In a three button jacket fasten either the top two, or only the middle button, in a two button jacket fasten the top button only. Legend has it this rule comes from King Edward VII as he was a man of such “calibre” that he was unable to button the last button, and in order to keep him from feeling humiliated, people around him started doing it as well, and the rest is history…

4. Wearing a dress shirt that is too big

In order for the dress shirt to complement a well put together suit it needs to be comfortably tight so it is not bunching up at the sides. The same goes for the collar. Use the finger rule in this case, if you can fit more than one finger between your neck and the collar then it is too big.

5. Wearing trousers that are too short or too long

Suit trousers should end right after the beginning of the shoes. Having pants that are short will show socks which will take away from the suit’s image, and if the pants are too long they will crumple around the ankles and will give off a sloppy look.

6. Having a jacket that is too long

The problem with this is that it just looks wrong, the general rule for having the perfect jacket length is that it should end just at the wrist bone. This pic of Shaquille O’Neal will give you an idea of what I am talking about. suitmistakes3 7. Having the shirt’s cuffs sticking out from under the jacket sleeve too much

Having shirt sleeves that are too long will make you look childish and unable to coordinate your suit lengths. The main rule is to have the cuffs stick out between a quarter and half an inch from the end of the sleeve.

8. Leaving the jacket length and sleeves un-hemmed

Most men tend to think that when you buy a suit off-the-rack you only need to get the pants tailored and that’s it. The length of the sleeves are just as important as the length of the pants.

9. Concentrating on brands

A suit from a world famous brand may seem like a nice thing, but the problem with these suits is they are usually mass produced, therefore you do not get the special tailor-made fit that you might be looking for.

10. Don’t buy off-the-rack suits

Last but definitely not least, most of the points mentioned above happen as a result of buying a ready-made suit instead of having it tailored from scratch to your needs. The beauty of having a bespoke suit is that it is a one-off, you are the only one who owns a suit just like it. Also, the fact a professional tailor is making it for you means all the mistakes listed above are avoided and the end result is a bespoke suit custom made to perfection.

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