3... 2... 1...lift off: Breitling goes parabolic

A unique watch from the Swiss brand will be given to every VIP passenger of Swiss Space Systems’ zero gravity flight.

Neil Churchill August 20, 2014

As unique opportunities go, experiencing weightlessness in the first ever zero gravity flights for civilians is probably hard to beat.

But the lucky UAE-based participants who will be part of Swiss Space Systems’ first parabolic adventure will receive an extra unique gift – a limited edition Breitling watch.

The luxury brand’s S3 ZeroG chronograph – designed specifically for this trip – will be given to passengers as a way of commemorating their historic flight.

But it won’t just be an exclusive piece of wrist candy for the budding cosmonauts. The timepiece will actually serve as a boarding card onto the shuttle – although, only premium and VIP room passengers will be given one.

The S3 uses a superquartz movement, which Breitling claims is ten times more accurate than standard quartz. It’s equipped with a black titanium case and rubber strap while the caseback is engraved with a depiction of the parabolic flight.

As mementos go, it certainly beats a key ring.

Details: visit zerog.s-3.ch