3 tips for a brilliant beard

Because there’s nothing worse than scruffy facial hair.

EDGAR staff October 17, 2014

We all thought it was just a phase, but it seems that the beard is here to stay, so if you've resisted this long and still sport a baby-smooth face, it's time to ditch the shaving foam and razor and embrace the power of the beard.

But unfortunately for those who think a beard is the easy way out of the daily chore of shaving, maintaining truly majestic facial hair is not quite as easy as simply growing out your stubble and letting nature take its course.

There are a few things that need to be done to ensure that your beard looks more groomed gentleman than castaway on a desert island:

1. Trim it

Giving your beard a once over with a trimmer is fine, but to give your look more substance try varying the length in different parts. Keep the sides relatively short, while the area around the chin can be left a lot fuller. Use a fade technique for under your chin and neck and make sure you shave off any strays to keep it looking smart and presentable. how to care for your beard.

2. Clean it

Wash daily with a special shampoo for beards. This will help lather away dust and dirt. Avoid using hair shampoo as it is designed for the oiliness of scalps and will dry your skin causing dandruff from your beard.

3. Oil it

In hot climates, such as ours, beards can become quite sweaty and, in some cases, start to smell. We recommend that after washing your beard try rubbing in a light, scented beard oil.