4 Dubai tailors that you need to know about

You can’t beat a good tailored suit, but where are the best places to get one from? Read on to find out…

Matthew Priest December 21, 2014

There really is no substitute for a perfectly fitted suit. It doesn't matter how great the quality of the material is or how nice your finishing touches are, if your suit doesn't fit properly, you'll stand out like a sore thumb.

Thankfully for us, Dubai has some absolutely brilliant tailors, who specialise in making high-quality, made-to-measure suits, just the way we like 'em. Here are four of the best in the city:

Collars & Cuffs
Billing itself as The Suit Concierge, this sleek-looking tailors is a hidden jewel within Jumeirah Beach Road’s oft-barren Sunset Mall. Specialising in handmade, made-to-measure garments for both men and women, the tailors offers more than 1,000 varieties of designs, materials and patterns, with 10 different types of fabrics sourced from the most reputable Italian and English factories.

Its signature C&C suit experience is a detailed six-step process, offering a full hand-stitched, three-piece suit with a horsehair floating canvas (the lapels alone use more than 1,000 stitches).

For busy gents who struggle to get out of the office, Collars & Cuffs provides a concierge service that will have its tailors come to your office for a fitting at a time that suits you best. Not only can you select individual finishing touches to your suit – mother-of-pearl buttons, anyone? – but you can also track your order through its website.

Specialises in: Private home/office appointments

Ask to speak to: Samrat Amarnani, Managing Director Details: visit collarsandcuffs.ae bespoke suit being measured.

As one of the pioneers of UAE tailoring, the Parmar family mean serious business. The DIFC-based, Bespoke is the family’s upscale branch of their tailoring empire and is a true luxury experience. Catering to high-flying bankers and brokers alike, every detail of Bespoke’s process has been carefully considered – including logging detailed records of its clients’ preferences, from favourite fabrics to how they take their coffee.

Using hush-hush, measuring techniques that derive from 1920s and ’30s and offering reams of fabric choices – including a fine wool range from Super 120 to Super 220, and being the country’s sole distributor of Zenga fabric – no shortcuts are taken throughout the immensely personable process.

Specialises in: High-end bespoke tailoring

Ask to speak to: Prakash Parmar, Owner Details: visit bespoke.ae hand stitching Ascots & Chapels
With seven locations within the GCC, Ascots & Chapels has become one of the stalwarts of the region’s tailoring industry. Specialising in great quality garments and an ‘evolving cut’ design, it offers its clients more than 6,000 materials – ranging from English and Swiss Cotton to The Luxury of Sea Island.

Its tailors take 35 to 40 measurements during fittings and every piece takes approximately 100 man hours to create. A&C’s Dubai stores also offer the services of stylist and Colour Analyst, Janet Small to help clients pick out the right suits for them, while their Global Concierge service allows for orders to be placed at one location and picked up at an alternative one across the UAE and London – a service that they hope to extend to both New York and Sydney by 2015.

Specialises in: Modern suits with a virtually endless variety

Ask to speak to: Mahir Ali, Artistic Director Details: visit ascotsandchapels.com suit being measured. Knot Standard
With prestige and heritage being two of the tailoring industry’s most impenetrable buzzwords, it is refreshing to see a company willing to try something new. Jointly set-up in Dubai and New York, Knot Standard offers first-rate, made-to-measure, hand-cut tailoring via multiple mediums, depending on how busy your schedule is.

Naturally, it offers a drop-in service where trained in-house tailors can measure you, but it also offers an online portal for busier clients, allowing you to take your own measurements, input them into their system, and choose the style, material and colour. For those wanting a bit more of a personal touch, the company offers an invitation-only, Knot Standard Private Service for selected clients.

The suits are mainly offered in three styles (K, Madison and Classic) and made from British and Italian fabrics from esteemed houses such as Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil.

Specialises in: Flexibility of orders

Ask to speak to: Tarig El-Sheikh, Co-Founder Details: visit knotstandard.com