Burj Al Arab launches new spa lounges exclusively for gentlemen

Guests can enjoy a steam and sauna 150 metres above sea level.

EDGAR staff October 2, 2014

It's known for being one of the world's most exclusive and luxurious hotels; offering seven-star service in an exquisitely appointed building where absolutely no expense has been spared. But here at EDGAR, our standards are incredibly high, and if we had one criticism of the Burj Al Arab, it was that its spa options for the distinguished gentlemen were perhaps lacking slightly.

Of course, no hotel of this standing would settle for anything less than perfection, so it comes as no surprise to us that the already luxurious Talise Spa has just undergone an upgrade to include steam and sauna rooms exclusively for gentlemen.

The new spaces will offer lucky guests an exceptional panoramic view out over the Arabian Gulf from a jaw-dropping 150 metres above sea level. And even when the humidity is high - as it often is in Dubai - visibility will still be perfect, thanks to a rare fog-proof glass that's been used for the windows.

Living up to its reputation of never doing anything by half, the Burj Al Arab's new steam room also includes a special crystal frame which, when heated, becomes covered in a veneer of ice. We're not exactly sure why a steam room needs that, but it certainly sounds pretty cool!

Details: visit Jumeirah.com/burj-al-arab