How Pharrell is cleaning up the world's oceans with his jeans

August 31, 2014

Can a pair of jeans clean up the world's oceans? Well, up until we heard about this collaboration between clothing brand G-Star and Pharell Williams, we'd have very much doubted it.

But with more than 10 tones of plastic having been removed from the sea already as a result of the project, we're beginning to think it could be possible.

The concept is so ingeniously simple that with just a bit of know how, the wonders of modern technology and, of course, the marketing might Bionic Yarn investor Pharrell Williams, we can't see how it could fail.

In basic terms, plastic that's polluting the world's oceans is being used to make clothes, which have been designed by G-Star with the input of Pharrell himself. (Click on the image to enlarge) RFTO PR Ad Poster As the above explains, the process of making the clothes starts with the problematic plastic being fished out of the oceans, washed, sorted by type and colour and then ground into small chips. These chips are then melted down and extruded into tiny fibres, called staples.

The staples are spun together, forming a tough bionic yarn, which is covered in cotton to form a super durable thread. The yarn is then dyed and woven and used to produce the clothes in the RAW for the Oceans collection.

Some of the money raised from the clothes sales goes back into collecting more plastic, and the whole process starts again.

As well as jeans, the collection includes hats, T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and jackets, and it is set to hit G-Star boutiques in the UAE from October 1. 

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