Laces are out: here's what you need to know about monkstrap shoes

The shoe with the funny name that should 100% be in your wardrobe this season.

EDGAR staff October 20, 2014

Any modern day gent worth his sartorial stripes will know that a pair of shoes will instantly make – or more importantly, break – an outfit.

Currently the smart-shoe du jour is the elegant monkstrap. Ridding itself of pesky laces, the buckle-baring shoes are at their best when paired with slim cut, smart attire that gives the wearer a sharper and cleaner atheistic.

If you are going for a classic brown or black – what man wouldn’t – you can add a touch of individuality with a pair of coloured or patterned socks to help bring the shoe to life. Monk strap shoes.

But where does the shoe and more intriguingly its name come from? Well unsurprisingly, monkstrap shoes were worn by monks and members of the Roman Catholic clergy as far back as the 11th Century.

Needing a shoe that was simple and sturdy, monkstraps were durable, provided the men of the clergy with better protection than the sandals of the time and suited both formal and informal occasions. 

Also, it is believed that the top strap going across the shoe was to increase comfort for the monks when they knelt down to pray, as the shoe becomes inverted. Bet you didn't know that, did you?