Real men have facials

July 4, 2014

The spa

There are more stressful ways of getting to a spa than atop an abra negotiating the tranquil waterways of the Madinat Jumeirah. Sure, you can get there by car, but why would you when water taxi is an option? The award-winning Talise Spa, located at the Al Qasr Hotel, is the Jumeirah Group’s centrepiece spa with an impressive 26 treatment rooms that not only include all the bells and whistles of your normal five-star spa (saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools, relaxation areas etc.), but you can also opt for massages in a beachside cabana as well as yoga classes, holistic therapies and even Kung Fu and Tai Chi lessons. The treatment rooms are small secluded cabanas a short stroll (over bridges and past palm trees) from the main spa. Madiant Jumeirah -Talise Spa - Arrival Experience

The treatment

In a man’s world, a facial has always been somewhat of a taboo word. ‘Real men don’t get facials’ we proudly declare in our carefree early twenties, before wishing that we’d taken better care of our skin as the tell-tale signs of ageing start to appear. To borrow a phrase from one of the spa’s therapists, the Men’s Super Lift facial is an ‘old-fashioned type of facial’. The treatment doesn’t mess around with deep-cleaning scrubs, but rather focuses on various massage techniques to help lift up and firm your facial muscles, which in turn helps reduce the lines of aging. The comprehensive treatment – approximately an hour long – starts with a series of massages that aim to rid your face of any oils. This is then followed by the application of algae patches (under a steamer) which helps draw out the antioxidents, and is finished off with a regeneration mask and scalp massage. While it won’t get rid of your lines straight away, it is an excellent way to take care of your skin and it leaves you incredibly relaxed. [gallery link="none" ids="4880,4881,4882"] Details: Men's Super Lift Facial, 60 minutes, AED 795. Visit