Style icon: David Beckham

The ex-footballer turned style icon is as adept at pulling off a three-piece suit as he is casual travel wear.

July 2, 2014

The World Cup in Brazil has so far been a great success - or so it appears watching from afar - but unfortunately for FIFA, arguably the sport’s most marketable star has not been a part of it.

These days, even referring to David Beckham as a sports star seems to be doing him a disservice. Sure the now-retired, former England captain owes his fame to the beautiful game – but it is his modelling and fashion work that has catapulted him into the stratosphere of global celebrity. By way of example, his appearance at Wimbledon this week made more headlines than the matches did, and that was probably because he looked impeccably cool - see here.


Yes, there have been moments in the past where we questioned some of his style choices - the sarong-wearing incident of '98 and his 2003 cornrows spring to mind - but he hasn't put a foot wrong in recent years and if anything, has been hugely influential in the rise of the gentleman look.

Here are some of our favourite styles from the man himself:

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