The 5 most common pocket square folds you need to learn

Do you know your puff fold from your four peak? Watch and learn, gents.

November 23, 2014

When it comes to looking dapper, few accessories add a greater dollop of panache than a well made pocket square.

From a velvet tuxedo to a denim jacket, a handkerchief folded into shape and tucked into your front pocket shows not only that you've thought carefully about your attire, but also that you have the confidence to tell people you enjoy being a suave, stylish man. Much like your choice of shoes or collars, your style of pocket square should change depending on the formality of the environment.

But what fold should you go for? Allow this useful infographic of the five most common folds of pocket square - from the guys at - to explain when and how to pull off some pocket silk.