Worried You're Going Bald? Read Tips On How To Do It In Style

It’s some men’s worst nightmare, but it really shouldn’t be. Read on to find out how losing your hair can make you look like a badass.

EDGAR staff June 2, 2014

1. Get a good haircut

No matter what you think, a comb over just doesn’t work. If you’re going a little thin, it’s important to keep your hair short and prepare for the inevitable.

2. Don’t live in denial

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about it. Hair implants are expensive and painful, and those hair growth adverts in the newspapers by ex-cricketers aren’t all they promise to be. You’ve had a good run, and now except your fate like a man.

3. Get tough

Bruce Willis (pictured), Jason Statham, Floyd Mayweather – three men that prove that having no hair can actually make you look harder than you are. Remember, snarling and speaking in a low-voice will also help intimidate people into stopping those bald jokes, forever.

4. Wig free

There is never an acceptable circumstance when you should be wearing a wig. Yes, people will notice straight away and, despite what you think, they will think less of you for it. Own the look and you'll be glad you did in the long run.