5 tips to sort out your wardrobe

How to keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape.

EDGAR staff November 10, 2015

Much like a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind, a messy wardrobe generally equals messy clothes. 

All good style starts from a tidy, organised wardrobe, so here's how you can sort yours out in five easy steps:

1. Use good hangers

Wood is good, wire is dire. Arrange the hangers so they face the same way, otherwise clothes get squashed against their neighbour. Spread your clothes out – cramming them in traps smells and creases your clothes.

2. Be logical

Grouping clothes based on colours or sleeve length makes it easier for you to scan what you’re going to wear today. Don’t hang up T-shirts – they’re fine in a drawer.

3. Keep it clean

You don’t want dust and fluff collecting in the bottom of your wardrobe, so vacuum the bottom shelf. If you want to ensure things stay fresh then put a fragrance sachet at the bottom of the wardrobe.

4. Be ruthless

Reassess your wardrobe every few months. If you haven’t worn something in six months, chuck it out, give it to a friend or drop it in a charity box. If a piece of clothing has a hole in it or a stain, put it in a bag and take it to be fixed or cleaned.

5. Organise

If you have drawers in your wardrobe, put clothes you wear often at eye level and put stuff you wear only once in a while up high or down below. If you own a few suits but don’t wear one every day, hang them in a suit bag to protect them.