Close to the bone: top 5 skull watches

Make no bones about it, these skull-designed timepieces are sure to turn heads.

EDGAR staff December 20, 2015

HYT Skull Green Eye

The ingenious hyrdro mechanical watches from HYT are complicated enough without adding the extra challenge of fitting a skull shape to the dial.

The sharp corners of the skull meant that engineers had to think of a new way to push the fluid through the right angles, while maintaining perfect time. HYT installed two vertical bellows which work continuously to propel the fluid round the tube – which is less than 1mm thick – and denote the time by landing on the correct hour mark.

One of 50 limited edition pieces, the skull’s left eye counts the seconds, while the right eye indicates the power reserve.


Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skull

This rock 'n' roll skull watch is built as tough as it looks. The case is made from a ceramic-coated aluminium and has been given a distressed finish achieved by a manual sanding process that makes every one of these 50 limited-edition watches one of a kind.

Measuring 50mm in diameter, the dial bears a skull at six o’clock, and a string of six H-shaped screws line the perimeter of the face.

Cleverly, the movement bridges are made to look like bones, while the tourbillon bridge takes the form of the skull.


Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull

It’s safe to say this is one piece of treasure that any pirate would be glad to get their hands on. This striking wristwatch has taken inspiration from the skull and crossbones flags that flew from the masts of pirate ships.

The four bones that make up the bridge remind us of the flag, while the ruby positioned between the jaws of the skull is a nice touch of humour and is actually attached to the tourbillon cage.

The back of the grade-five titanium skull on the reverse of the watch is the centre bridge, and proves furthermore the skull’s integration in the movement.


Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition

This watch from the Swiss brand has a sneaky visual trick up its sleeve.

At first glance, the eye sees only the glint of diamonds – 210 to be exact – under a set of 12 black blades on the 48mm dial of the wristwatch. But once those blades start to whirl, a menacing skull is revealed beneath, making this piece the horological equivalent of watching a horror movie.

There's a choice between the bold Turbine Toxic XL model measuring 50mm in diameter; a DLC-treated steel watch on a rubber strap, and the slightly sleeker 41mm-diameter Turbine Toxic XS.


And one for the ladies...

De Grisogono Crazy Skull

This dazzling piece that combines horology and jewellery is for women and, while the previous mens' watches are somewhat sinister, this Crazy Skull from de Grisogono has a witty charm about it.

Carrying 45 carats of stones in total, the teeth are baguette-cut diamonds; the nose is a heart-cut white diamond; and the eyes display two time zones.

However, the standout feature of the smiling skull is the jaw that opens to reveal a tongue (made from either 66 sapphires or rubies depending on the model) that playfully pokes out.