Dubai World Cup – How to be the best dressed

Need last-minute advice for what to wear to the World Cup? Look no further…

March 24, 2015

Dressing for the Dubai World Cup can be a minefield at the best of times. What material should your suit be? What accessories do you need? What kind of shoes? Hat or not hat? And the worst thing is you know your missus is going to look drop-dead gorgeous, so you showing up looking like a dog's dinner is simply not an option.

It may all seem confusing at this moment in time, but never fear: we spoke to Samrat Amarnani, managing director of Dubai tailors Collars & Cuffs, and he gave us his tips to not only get you through the day without committing any major fashion faux pas, but maybe even put you in with a chance of winning the 'Best-Dressed' title. Now listen up, because this man knows what he's talking about...

Set to take place at the city’s iconic Meydan Racecourse on March 29, elegance is the key word for this year's Dubai World Cup, with dressing for the occasion as much a part of the event as the racing itself.

The annual fashion parade, Jaguar Style stakes, is a wonderful opportunity to be experimental and creative, with the overall aim being to impress. Here's my advice to looking your best at the Dubai World Cup:

Devil's in the detail
Attention to detail is key to ensuring your look is perfectly put together. When choosing a suit, it should be all about the fit. Linen suits can look good when worn a little on the relaxed side, but for best effect, make sure the trousers are not too long or too short. Dubai World Cupo Best Dressed Couple 2014 Keep your cool
In terms of hues, stick with the colour palette of the season, such as dusk blues, classic bright blues and glacier greys. An important consideration for regional outdoor events at this time of year is, of course, the potential heat. Bearing this in mind, attire should be comfortable as well as stylish. Combat the temperature by choosing linen or any other lightweight breathable material to suit the springtime weather in Dubai.

Show some flair
You can show some individuality and flare by selecting a contrasting trouser and jacket colour combination linked with a toning tie and shirt. And don’t neglect accessories either. Team your outfit with an eye-catching tie pin, a pair of themed cufflinks, a pocket square, a modern artificial boutonniere and a top hat to create an emphatic sartorial statement.

Put your best foot forward
In my view, the right footwear is vital to the perfect look. Eschew slip-ons in favour of lace-ups when wearing a suit, making sure your shoe colour matches your belt. Taking into account these pointers will help your overall look exude panache, charisma and individuality. shoes for Dubai World Cup.

The cardinal sins
You don't have to be a tailor to know that big ‘no-no’ accompanying articles for your blazer or jacket at the World Cup are T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and flip-flops. Instead, keep your shirts tailored, collar buttoned up and your tie tight in respect of the sophistication of the occasion. And don’t even think about showing up in a tuxedo... it’s not a black-tie event.

Images: Flickr/Jaguar MENA. Samrat Amarnani is the managing director of Collars & Cuffs, located in Sunset Mall, Dubai. Visit