Dubai's best tailors for a bespoke suit

From custom suits to tailored shirts, these are the best places to go.

Neil Churchill September 1, 2015

Going through the rituals of having a bespoke suit made at least once in your lifetime is a right of passage for most men. 

We’ve discussed custom made suits several times before on these pages, from how to buy a bespoke suit to the 10 things to know when you do. But below lies our definitive guide to the best tailors in Dubai. 

Whether you’re looking for a corporate cut three-piece for boardroom battles, or something a little jazzier from a Satwa stalwart, these are the best men's tailors in Dubai. 

Ascots & Chapels
Specialties: corporate style, range of materials
Where: DIFC, Marina Mall, Motor City
Cost: $$$ 

With several locations across the GCC, Ascots & Chapels is a stalwart in the region’s tailoring industry. Specialising in great quality garments and an ‘evolving cut’ design, it offers its clients more than 6,000 materials.  

The skilled tailors take up to 40 measurements during fittings with each and every suit taking approximately 100 man hours to create. It also has a global concierge service, which allows orders to be made in one city, and picked up in another; handy for the business travellers. Details: visit 

Specialties: high-end tailoring, highly personal
Where: The Gate, DIFC
Cost: $$$

As one of the pioneers of UAE tailoring, the Parmar family mean serious business and Bespoke is the family’s upscale branch of their tailoring empire. Catering to high-flying bankers and brokers alike, every detail of Bespoke’s process has been carefully considered – including logging detailed records of its clients’ preferences, from favourite fabrics to how they take their coffee. 

Using hush-hush, measuring techniques that derive from the 1920s and ’30s and offering reams of fabric choices – including being the country’s sole distributor of Zenga fabric – no shortcuts are taken throughout the immensely personable process. Details: visit 

Savile Row
Specialties: British style, personal touch
Where: Murjan 5, JBR
Cost: $$$ 

Borrowing the name from London’s famous tailoring street would be setting yourself up for a fall if you didn’t make anything but the finest suit. But as part of Dubai’s Deepak’s group, the tailors of Savile Row JBR know their way around a bespoke suit. 

A detailed consultation period with the store’s master cutter begins your bespoke experience, followed by another meeting with several tailors. They will take around 35 measurements, which can take up to four weeks start to finish, but the result is one of the finest suits you’ll ever own. Details: visit  

Collars & Cuffs
Specialties: attention to detail, private appointments
Where: Sunset Mall, Jumeirah
Cost: $$  

Specialising in handmade, made-to-measure garments for both men and women, Collars & Cuffs offers more than 1,000 varieties of designs, materials and patterns, with 10 different types of fabrics sourced from the most reputable Italian and English factories. 

Its signature suit experience is a detailed six-step process, offering a full hand-stitched, three-piece suit with a horsehair floating canvas – the lapels alone use more than 1,000 stitches.

For busy gents who struggle to get out of the office, Collars & Cuffs provides a concierge service that will have its tailors come to your office or home. Details: visit  

Parmar Tailors
Specialties: quick turnaround, high-quality accessories 
Where: JLT, Bur Dubai
Cost: $$  

The Parmar family’s Bespoke store may be considered the more refined brand, but the original Parmar Tailors shop has been a Dubai name since 1956, and with its history comes loyal customers.

Each tailor is required to need 10 to 12 years’ experience to fill a bespoke position, meaning your custom suit is in very safe hands. Their turnaround is also notably quick, with a suit taking just one week to produce.  

Parmar Tailors also offers a huge range of accessories with ties handmade from Italian silk, with five folds rather than the usual three. Details: visit  

Knot Standard 
Specialties: online suit fittings, global showrooms
Where: Souk al Bahar, Downtown 
Cost: $$  

With prestige and heritage being two of the tailoring industry’s most impenetrable buzzwords, it is refreshing to see a company willing to try something new. Jointly set-up in Dubai and New York, Knot Standard offers first-rate, made-to-measure, hand-cut tailoring via multiple mediums, depending on how busy your schedule is. 

Naturally, it offers a drop-in service where trained in-house tailors can measure you, but it also offers an online portal for busier clients, allowing you to take your own measurements, input them into their system, and choose the style, material and colour that you wish.  

For those wanting a bit more of a personal touch, the company offers an invitation-only, Knot Standard Private Service for selected clients. Details: visit 

Made 2 Measure
Specialties: shirts, highly personal 
Where: Jumeirah, Business Bay 
Cost: $$ 

It may only have been established in 2009, but CEO Kamlesh Ramchandani has over 25 years in the bespoke suit making business, giving Made2Measure an established feel.   

Choose form over 1,000 samples of fabric, while its tailors take 20 direct body measurements to ensure the best fit possible. M2M’s masters draft an individual pattern for each customer, with the final suit carrying thousands of hand-made stiches.   

Floating hair canvas is used, which gives the jacket its shape and structure. The suit is trimmed with viscose fabric lining, interlinings, silk buttonhole finish and real horn buttons. Details: visit  

Specialties: choices of fabric, replication 
Where: Satwa 
Cost: $  

Despite the previously mentioned fine tailoring companies, if you enquire where to have a bespoke suit made in Dubai, most men will tell you to go to Satwa. The area has become synonymous over the years with tailors who charge considerably less than their DIFC counterparts, but still provide a sharp suit. 

Established in 1977, Deepak’s has earned a renowned status in the area, with two textile and tailoring showrooms under its name. After choosing your material from the hundreds on offer at the original Deepak’s, go round the corner into Deepa’s – the company’s retail shop – and let the tailors get to work.  

Alternatively, take an existing favourite suit, shirt or pair of trousers to Deepa’s and the tailors will replicate your item, keeping the same cut and style that you love in the original. Details: visit