How to make one suit work three ways

Add a waistcoat, lose a tie – tips from Ascots & Chapels on how to make your suit work for you the whole day.

April 5, 2015

We've all been there. With a long day ahead of formal meetings, a casual lunch and afterwork drinks, you're not sure what style and which suit to plump for in the morning.

In an ideal world you could nip home, change your outfit and meet each dress code required for the day ahead. But, if you do it right, sometimes one suit is enough to cover more than one look.

Mahir Ali, artistic director at Ascots & Chapels, tells us how with a bit of creativity all you need is a single three-piece.

A sharp suit says that you mean business. If it’s time to battle for the boardroom, opt for a three-piece suit. It serves as the perfect armour and commands respect. Invest in a perfectly fitting suit and add in details such as a tie-pin, pocket square and cuff-links. Complete the look with a pair of comfortable formal shoes. How to wear a suit 3 ways.

Afternoon Meetings
Afternoons can be tricky, it all depends on what’s on the cards. For a business lunch with an associate, lose the waistcoat. If it is a more formal lunch, keep the tie on. If it’s a relaxed meeting at a coffee shop, you can do away with the tie.

Evenings and After Hours
Unwind on your evenings out. Over drinks or at an evening meeting in a lounge, you could opt for a darker shade of shirt and a pocket square in a contrasting colour to complement the suit. Or you could wear a round neck t-shirt with a jacket. All that requires is putting a spare shirt in your bag for the day.

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