How to rock the suit and sneakers combo

Smart casual has never looked so stylish…

January 7, 2015

Generally speaking, smart casual is an easy look to pull off. Smart jeans, smarter shoes, a T-shirt and a blazer – it’s a combination that will never fail.

But what if smart casual didn't necessarily mean sticking to this tried-and-tested formula? What if smart casual meant that you could get all the style and sophistication of a suit, but couple it with the cushioned comfort for your feet that only a good pair of trainers can provide?

Well you're in luck, because far from being the fashion faux pas it once was, the suit and sneakers combo is now widely accepted in the fashion fraternity.

However, once you start getting a bit more daring with your combinations, there are other factors that come into play, which can easily trip you up. Here’s how to negotiate the sartorial minefield and pull off one of this season’s most fashionable looks - the suit-sneakers combo:

how to wear trainers with a suit.

1. Sort the suit
An ill-fitting suit will kill any look stone dead, no matter what you’re wearing on your feet, so make sure your suit is properly tailored to you. If this is your first venture into the trainer-suit look, then start with a simple, pattern-free, single-coloured suit. Classic blacks, grays and blues are sure-fire winners, making sure that the shoes are what draws people’s attention.

2. Classic kicks
On the difficulty scale, neon striped, mesh Pumas are pretty high up there, so your best bet for a suit-worthy companion is to keep things classic and simple. adidas stan smith Stick to old favourites such as white pumps, black converse or Adidas Stan Smith’s and you’ll get on just fine. Or if you're really intent on making a statement, a pair of these high-end trainers should be just the ticket.

3. The main event
Luxury sneakers are currently the darlings of the fashion industry, which means that there has never been more choice finding a pair of trainers that will help sharpen up your look. Alongside colour, texture, material and style are now factors you have to contend with, but always keep in mind the golden rule: Keep it simple, avoid being scruffy and let the shoes be the main event.