How to stay stylish in the Gulf's summer heat

Looking good in the mercury-pushing heat is an age-old conundrum for us desert dwellers.

Neil Churchill May 25, 2015

For many of the Gulf’s residents, the number one reason to live in the Middle East is the guaranteed sun all year round.

But let’s be honest, in the summer months that sun gets a little too close for comfort.

While most of you take off to European destinations until the heatwave passes, the few of us left behind have to nail down how to keep our sense of style when anything thicker than shorts, sandals and a t-shirt becomes unbearable. So allow us to give you some tips:

Upper body
Loose fitting clothes made of light materials will help cool down your body and allow more airflow so that the sweat on your skin evaporates. Other tips are to lose the tie, undo a couple of buttons and roll up your sleeves. If you’re a jacket-wearing man (and who isn’t?), make sure that you opt for one that is unlined.

Lower body
Tailored shorts are a good start, but unfortunately it’s a look that is unlikely to hold up in the boardroom. Regarding trousers, make sure you buy lighter fabrics such as tropical wools or high-end cotton weaves – both are lightweight and breathable.

It will have hardly escaped your attention over the past few years that socks have fallen out of favour. Take advantage of this by purchasing a pair of boat shoes or Italian loafers – both are lightweight and can be worn sockless. They also allow you to roll up your trouser legs for a bit more breathing room.