How to wear a bow tie this party season

Dust off the dickie bow, it's that formal dress code time of the year. 

EDGAR staff November 29, 2015

How to tie a tie is one of the first style skills we learnt as children here at EDGAR. In case it wasn't for you, you need to read our guide on tying the perfect knot.

But when the invitation code says 'black tie', we'll admit even we sometimes have a moment of apprehension, because pulling off the dickie bow can sometimes be easier said than done.

But let that happen no more, because with the right knowledge and correct amount of panache, wearing any of the below black tie numbers should be as easy as doing up your laces.

But remember, wearing something is only half the battle - the other half is attitude. So if you’re going to opt for a bow tie, do so with the confidence that you can pull it off. 

Once you've mastered the bow tie, the question you then need to ask yourself then is which type of bow tie are you going to opt for? That's right, there are ever so slightly different style of dickie bow, with each suiting a slightly different style of formal event. 

Different ways to wear a bow tie.