How to wear black tie

5 simple steps to rocking it on the red carpet.

EDGAR staff December 29, 2015

Less is more

Don’t over accessorise. A tie clip, a pocket square and a lapel pin is too much. Remove one item and you’re good to go. Cummerbands? Some men love them, some hate them – it’s your call.

Shine on

Being invited to a black tie event means it’s a big deal, so polish your shoes. Patent dress shoes are great, but a simple pair of plain black shoes will do just fine. Don’t wear brogues.

Tie fighter

A bow tie is a classic item, we agree, but don’t feel penned in by convention. A black necktie with just a hint of shine works too. If you are going to go with a bow tie, don’t clip it on, try tying your own, and wear it with a dress shirt – having the buttons of your shirt on display looks scruffy.

Off the cuff

Cufflinks get noticed so make sure they’re elegant and understated. Don’t even think about Homer Simpson novelty cufflinks.

Go luxe with a tux

A plain black suit is not a tuxedo, but you can get away with it. Just. You could hire a tuxedo but you don’t know where it’s been. Buying a good-quality tux is an investment and will take you to parties till you’re too old to go to parties anymore (which is never).