New Year, New Haircut?

Will 2015 signal a change in men’s hair styling? EDGAR gets an expert opinion from Master Stylist to the stars Yoshi Hagiwara.

EDGAR staff January 4, 2015

As we enter 2015, there won't be any drastic change in terms of upcoming trends for haircuts and styling, however, there are a few slightly different looks and hairstyles that men are leaning towards.

Last year, it was all about the two-block look (very short on the sides and longer at the top). This year, it is more about blending styles for versatility as well as using styling products and hair accessories such as beanies and head bands to complete the look.

Now more than ever, men care about the versatility of their hair. For example, it's becoming very popular for guys to keep their hair a little longer than usual to achieve the slick-back look, or opting for longer hair in general, and going for top knots.

Another upcoming trend this year is hair colouring. It is no longer just about covering up the grey spots, but it has become a form of expression just like fashion.

Here are a few popular hair trends likely to emerge in 2015: 2015 haircut. Long hair

The look is best worn shoulder-length with a centre part. It screams rebellious and cool.


This look was made popular by footballers and now it’s making the move to centre stage, on men’s heads all over the world.

Gelled hair

The gel look is back, also considered a classic. The hair can now be swept into or away from the face and gel used to hold it in place.

Side parting

A side part gives men a modern attitude. It can be worn matte, creating a distinct retro effect, or worn as a classic glossy look, giving an appealing charm. Ryan gosling 2015 hair. Dos and don'ts

In terms of products, there are some that you absolutely should be using, and some that you definitely should not be. To start with, a sulfate-free and SLS-free shampoo and conditioner is an absolute must.

Most styling products contain alcohol, so it is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner that will moisturise and protect the hair. One of the worst things you could possibly do for your hair is to wash it with body soap instead of shampoo. This causes the scalp to dry, flake, and hair to thin.

Another cardinal sin is using boxed colour. It is made extra strong and will definitely damage hair. Always consult with a professional before changing your hair colour. Yoshi Hagiwara. Yoshi Hagiwara is a Master Stylist and owner of Yoshi Hair Studio located in Beverly Hills, U.S.A. For more details visit