Online shopping: the UAE’s best fashion sites for men

The top five sites for shopping online that every style conscious man needs to bookmark.

Neil Churchill August 12, 2015

For years, online shopping was mainly targeted at women. The latest fashion trends and must have clothes were just a click away. But really, shopping online should have been targeted at men. 

Traditionally (and stereotypically), men hate shopping. Most would prefer to watch paint dry than walk around a mall being hounded by shop assistants while you fail to find the right size jeans.

That’s why, eventually, good online shopping sites for men came to be. Here in the UAE – and wider GCC region – we’re lucky to have some brilliant sites for online shopping. From suits or a shirt to high-end brands or start-ups, us men have enough options for shopping online to prevent us from having to enter another mall again.

You will already be familiar with Mr Porter and Asos – two of the biggest online shopping sites for men in the world. They deliver to the GCC and have enough clothes to keep you lost in their webpages until the end of time. 

But, there are several local sites that are certainly well worth a browse. You're more likely to find unique items and you'll receive your clothes faster, plus you’ll pump some of that hard-earned money of yours back into the local economy.

We’ve rounded up our top five sites for online shopping in the region, and recommend you bookmark the following pages pronto.

#1 Mr. Draper
For the... 21st century man

Mr Draper is different, and we love it so. It is the first personalised men’s shopping service in the Middle East, and if you’re only just learning about it now, then it is probably going to change your approach to buying clothes.

The process works like so: you sign up for free – this involves providing some information such as your size, height, style and preferred brands. A Mr Draper stylist then handpicks a number of outfits and clothes based on your profile, and they’re delivered to your door a few days later. You can even choose to have only a specific type of clothing delivered - suits, shoes, belts, braces… 

You then have five days to try on everything, keeping what you like and putting back what you don’t. The box is then picked up for free by Mr Draper, and you are only charged for the clothes you keep.

It must be the easiest, most hassle-free way to online shop in the region. We can’t get enough of it. Bookmark:  

#2 Sivvi
For the... trend setter is the brainchild of Rashid Alabbar, son to Emaar supremo Mohammed Alabbar. But while Alabbar senior is busy building malls and skyscrapers, Alabbar junior has his hands full with one of the Gulf’s most popular sites for online shopping. may be less than a year old, but it has already made a name for itself with fashion conscious men. It has over 60 international high street labels on its roster, and mixes these with boutique brands and up and coming designers. From Converse and Deux Ex Machina to Mr Boho and Le Specs.

A great site for accessories and sunglasses, is more about the casual than the formal, with trend setting shirts and shoes aplenty. Bookmark:

#3 MarkaVIP
For the... fashion brands fan

Established by experienced professionals from leading eCommerce and fashion firms, targets the Middle East with classic, high-end brands.

There’s less of an emphasis on unique style and more on the products themselves. Watches, shoes, smart accessories and sportswear are the staples, but there’s also a section for electronics – from headphones to cameras. 

There is also a MarkaVIP community, with the privileged members receiving monthly trend reports and styling tips. Bookmark:

#4 Namshi
For the... trend follower

One for trend followers rather than trend setters - in other words most people - is high street heaven with both international and in-house brands. 

A huge shoe selection, graphic casual wear and the grey area of smart casual form the site’s backbone, with Namshi employing the Instagram skills of fashion blogger Mr Moudz to push its latest products. 

It also has a dedicated sports shop with Nike, Adidas and Puma all featuring heavily, and has a huge array of sports shoes – good for those strange people who wear Nike Air Zooms outside of the gym. Bookmark: 

#5 Redbananas
For the... attention seeker

As well as having the wackiest name of the lot, also has some of the most ‘out there’ styled clothes of them all. If graphic tees that are so random they hurt your eyes is your thing, you’ve come to the right place.

A good selection of snapback hats and some smart blazers, Redbananas is a site that you just need to keep visiting as you never know what you might find on it next. 

The company promises same day delivery for Dubai-based shoppers, so consider this your first port of call if you’re frantically looking for an outfit for the evening. Bookmark: