The death of the pocket square

The winged puff finally has some competition to fill a gentleman’s outer breast pocket.

EDGAR staff September 23, 2015

Let’s take a moment to applaud the venerable old pocket square. The elegant piece of silk (or textured fabric) has dominated the menswear accessory landscape for the past few years and if you know how to fold it right, it has proven to be a more than reliable flourish to any jacket.

Today’s elegantly dressed men wouldn’t leave home without a colourful winged puff poking out of their outside breast pocket – and if they did, you’d notice. But no matter the stature of a piece, the one rule of the fashion world is: fashions change. 

If the latest analysis from the menswear runways is anything to go by – and let’s face it, it is – we can report that the fate of the pocket square is in decline, with new pretenders challenging its position.

Lapel pins, flowers and now – thanks to Dior Homme – badges are very on trend this season, allowing clued-in men to stand out from the pocket-square wearing masses.

Shaking up formal staples has become something of a calling card for designer Kris Van Assche’s tenure at Dior Homme, and the pick of his new ‘techno-sartorial’ collection being the traditional buttonhole flowers, pressed and encased into lapel badges.

We for one, approve.

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