The one-handed watch that could change the industry

Slow watches are not just about reading time, but about managing the time you spend.

Neil Churchill March 18, 2015

For a while now, we at EDGAR have been waiting for a watchmaker to come along and shake some life into the old Swiss watch world. And finally, we think that time has come.

What if we told you that you could read time with only a single hand? That's what Slow - a new Swiss made watch company - has managed to achieve. Started by four friends with decades of horological experience between them, Slow Watches were created to try and change the way people read time, and bigger than that, how we spend it.

The company says 'slow' is a mindset rather than a speed, which has been lost as a result of the modern day busy lifestyles upheld by many. Matching this idea, Slow watches come with only a single hand that rotates once every 24 hours. Moving at half the speed of a normal watch hand it allows the wearer to see the entire day in one view, starting and ending at '0' in the traditional 6 o'clock position.

The idea is to offer more consciousness about the progression of each day - in other words, you'll realise how much time you waste doing nothing, which will hopefully make you jump up and seize the moment. 

Slow has produced two models so far, the original Slow Jo which comes with a 38 mm stainless steel case and is water resistant to 100 metres, and the smaller Slow Mo measuring 34 mm. Both models use a Swiss made GMT Quartz movement that would normally have four hands and a date, meaning there is a serious piece of precision engineering beneath the simple-looking facade.

Both models are styled with a retro look and feel with no obvious branding or logo, leaving a very clean dial and case. In keeping with the brand's ideology of a slow lifestyle, buying a Slow timepiece can only be done online from the company itself, removing the stress and added costs of a retailer. And while the prices are by no means astronomical - around AED 1,000 - the limited source of supply should help keep them just that, limited.

While here at EDGAR we've waited for a watch company to come along and offer the industry something genuinely new, we never imagined it would come with only one hand. But we love it. Slow Watches. For more details visit