This suit-friendly luggage will change how you travel

The Vocier C38 suitcase has a special patented compartment for your suit, fixing an age-old travel problem.

Neil Churchill March 17, 2015

If there's one thing that's always plagued us when it comes to business travel, it is how to pack a suit.

Days of carrying your two-piece on board in a suit cover and storing it in the overhead bins are long gone. But folding it into your luggage is akin to style sacrilege, and there lies the problem. But at last, our sartorial travel dilemma has been solved thanks to Vocier and its C38 luggage.

Designed specifically to take care of your suit with its patented zero-crease system, this carry-on suitcase has been made with the global nomadic gentleman in mind. Made from ultra-light aluminium and Italian leather - so it's as light as it is stylish - the C38 has a designated compartment big enough to fit two suits but more importantly, it is designed to keep them wrinkle-free until you arrive at your destination. It uses a magnetic hanger system, meaning you're guaranteed your suit will still be hanging up neatly on arrival.


But C38 is no one-trick pony, with space to fit shirts, shoes and any other accessories required for your trip. Not only that, but it has been designed in a way to make travelling easier, and is optimised to speed up security checks. How does it do that exactly? Its slide out handle embodies a neat storage compartment for your tickets, passport and phone, that can be neatly stored away.

The bag also has a unique slot system that allows you access to a laptop or the built-in wash bag, without needing to open the main compartment. So no more repacking your bag at security after digging out your electronics, which is music to our ears.

The C38 measures 55x40x20 cm (21.6x15.7x7.9 inches) meaning it complies with international carry-on regulations and will easily fit in overhead compartments. If you are in any doubt as to the C38's capabilities, it was recently awarded the prestigious iF Design Award for 2015, putting its name amongst previous winners including BMW, Bang & Olufsen and Apple.

The Voicier C38 luggage retails at around AED 2,660. For more visit