Too much to carry? You need one of these stylish man bags

From satchels to briefcases these are some of the most stylish bags currently on the market.

April 9, 2015

It's peculiar how fashion trends work in cycles. Back in Edwardian London, a man wouldn't be seen outside his home without a smart, plain briefcase in his hand. Probably black with very little detailing.

While the simple style may have disappeared for something more eye-catching, man bags have long since made a return into men's consciousness after a long spell in the doldrums, and don't the top fashion brands know it. Rucksacks, satchels, holdalls and the classic briefcase are all on trend for the modern day man. After all the office, hobbies and weekends away all require a man to have more holding space than his suit pockets will allow.

With that in mind, here's our pick of some of the most stylish bags currently on the market. 

Tumi’s new ’1975′ collection is crafted from natural full-grain American cowhide leather, and the brand‘s signature ballistic nylon. The collection includes some of the company’s most popular styles including the International Carry-On, Slim Brief, Rucksack Backpack and, our personal favourite, the Square Duffel. 

Alongside the luggage bags, the collection also features an array of streamlined travel accessories like passport cover, sleek luggage tag, luxe travel kit bag and the signature Tumi Accents kit. 

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton new line of men’s bags quite literally cover all bases. The Parisian label’s spring collection of men’s travelling cases are as specialised as they are stylish. There’s probably never been a more luxurious vinyl record travelling case, for instance. While the portable writing desk looks like a bag from the outside, but comes complete with space for ink pots, pens, journals and a leather writing surface once opened.

Coach knows how to put modern twists on classic styles better than most, as proven here with the denim black briefcase laptop bag. It takes a brave man to wear a shade of violet, and an even braver one to carry it. This smart and stylish briefcase from Berlutti is not for the shy. 

Tod’s has collaborated with Japanese design studio Nendo and its Chief Designer, Oki Sato, to create a bag inspired to meet the requirements of an architect. Multifunctional and modular, the Tod’s Architect Bag is a flat design that takes shape when filled. What makes it so remarkable is that its shape can be transformed to suit different carrying tasks. 

In extended mode, the bag holds a full-size A3 drawing in addition to any materials of protracted length. Folding the bag in half creates two spaces in which to store A4-size drawings and documents. As the two handles can be stored away, the Architect Bag may also be used as a clutch bag when you have fewer things to hold.