Where to rent a tuxedo in Dubai

All you need to know about tuxedo hire in the emirate.

Neil Churchill August 6, 2015

You’ve done it again. You’ve known about the black-tie event you have this weekend for months now, but as usual you’ve left it too late and now find yourself without a tux just hours before the event. And if you're an expat, you probably have a tux back in the homeland hanging up in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust, right? How annoying. 

Well fear not. Take a look below and you’ll find the best places to hire an evening jacket in Dubai. Whether it’s a classic black tie dinner suit, a daring white tuxedo, or even a wedding tux, you should find what you’re looking for. 

The Wedding Shop
Where? The Wedding Shop, Jumeirah Centre, Beach Road, Dubai. Go to: theweddingshop.ae or call +971 43441618.

Don’t be put off by its nuptials-heavy name, The Wedding Shop stocks both a classic black dinner jacket and white tuxedo, and not just wedding suits.

Designed by Torre, both these tuxedos are made with the finest fabrics and modern style points. All you need to think about is which colour to choose. 

The Bridal Room 
Where? The Bridal Room, Jumeirah Plaza, Jumeirah 1, Dubai. Go to: facebook.com/The-Bridal-Room or call +971 43446076.

Again, try not to be deterred by the wedding-heavy name, as The Bridal Room does a brilliant tuxedo to hire, as well as some super smart formal wear. 

The classic black dinner jacket with satin lapels fits so well because it is actually tailor made to each customer.

It also comes with a shirt, bow tie, cumerband (an optional accessory in our book) and pocket square.

Murad Boutique
Where? Al Ghazal Mall, 2nd of December Street, Al Bada'a, Dubai. Phone: +971 43458979 

This tux store might have the slogan ‘Readymade Garments’ but it is another store that tailors its formal wear to each customer. A good place for a very classic, traditional black tuxedo, the hire package comes with a shirt, bow tie and cumberband.

Sadly, that’s about it; just three places for tuxedo hire in Dubai. While all three certainly do the purpose, it would be better if the city had a few more options, especially for the expat whose own tux is back at home, and is therefore cautious of buying another. 

However, be warned. While renting a tux is certainly the easiest option when the impending black tie event is just around the corner, you might want to consider the quality. 

Each time a dinner jacket or full tuxedo is returned to a store, it of course needs to be dry-cleaned. But after a dozen professional cleans, a tux starts to lose its quality. If you happen to hire a dinner suit that has been through the drycleaner twenty times or so, then it will feel – and look – like you’re wearing sandpaper.  

So as an alternative, you have one of two options, both of which involve buying and owning a tux for a long time. In fact, if you do either of the below correctly, it could well be the last tux you ever buy.  

Tuxedo shops in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Firstly, you can go out and buy a relatively cheap off-the-rack tuxedo, from somewhere like Pierre Cardin or Ben Sherman. Then, take that tux to a tailor and have it fitted. While they won’t be able to add any individual styling, they will be able to shorten the sleeves and trousers, slim cut the chest and play around with the waistband. 

Don’t buy a tux that is too small and expect a tailor to work miracles. If you can’t get the perfect fit off the rack, then go for something slightly big, and give the tailor room to work with. 

Secondly, and this is EDGAR’s recommended option, you order a bespoke tuxedo. Now if you’re black tie event is tomorrow, or even next week, this option won’t work. But it is something to consider for the future. One bespoke made tuxedo will last you a lifetime; in fact it will probably be what you’re wearing when they bury you... a grim thought. Before you take this option though, be sure to know these 10 things when going bespoke

Dubai has a great number of tailors, many of which do a fine job of either reshaping a tux to fit you properly, or of course creating a bespoke tuxedo from scratch. Our recommendations are: Collars & Cuffs, Made 2 Measure or Knot Standard.