5 tips to keep your style fresh this summer

Work with the Middle East heat this season and remain cool.

June 9, 2016

Notice the heat whenever you drive out for lunch these days? It’s not the meat sweats!

Summer is upon us and the only way to tackle it is to dress like you thrive in it. It’s okay to mind the mid-40s temperature, but you should never be caught dead looking like it.

Here are a few tips to stay aesthetically fresh while you’re virtually getting turbo-broiled in the GCC’s sweaty summer.

1. Fabric is your friend, or enemy

Choose linen and other breathable fabrics as early as now until as late as perhaps October. The lighter, the better. You should really have a linen wardrobe that you bring out from storage every June. 

2. Physics can save your life

Do not wear white. You may have been told that white keeps you cool during the hot, humid seasons, but those people would also probably tell you that a feather and bowling ball wouldn’t hit the floor at the same time when dropped in an airtight vacuum chamber. 

While it’s true that white reflects light and therefore heat more than darker clothes do, it’s also true that it reflects your own body heat back in, essentially cooking you in the process. UV rays also penetrate white clothes more easily than dark.

3. Sacrifice fit for not suffocating

Keep things loose so ambient air has a chance to drag the heat away from you. There’s no point trying to cut a clean silhouette when you’re sweating through your clothes. No one wants to be friends with Captain Pitstain.

4. Ditch the button-down shirt

You’ve got your summer blazer sorted, so now it’s perfectly okay to trade in your crisp button-down for a polo. It’s more flexible and a lot easier to move in, and rids you of worrying about popping your buttons when you move too much too fast. 

The selection of designs by specialist brands from Lacoste to Ralph Lauren is also a lot bigger than conventional shirting.

5. Go crazy with colour

The entire chromatic spectrum cannot look any better than when struck directly by sunlight, and since we’re going to be having a lot of the latter over the next few months, it only makes sense to take advantage of the conditions.

Pastels have an instant psychologically soothing effect, not only on you, but others who have you within their line of sight. Even trousers are fair game, so I repeat myself, go crazy with colour.

This article originally appeared on fashionchameleon.ae and is reposted here with the author's permission.