Beard transplants are on the rise in the GCC

You don’t need to have a barren wasteland on your cheek any longer.

April 20, 2016

As beard transplants gain popularity in the Middle East, many are still wondering how to beard the best., a popular medical travel facilitator, sat down with one of their leading hair restoration specialists to get to the root of this trending procedure.

Hair’s The Thing

“Hair transplantation offers the most effective, safe, precise, and permanent solution against hair loss and baldness,” says Dr. Tatildede from Clinicana in Istanbul, Turkey.

Simply put, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure that transplants hair from one area of the body to another. While the most common area for hair transplantation amongst men is the scalp, it can be used on various areas of the body to thicken chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and yes, beards!

“For beard transplants, this same transplantation technique is used, where the hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head and grafted into the bald area,” continues Dr. Tatildede. “But, we actually see that beard transplants have a higher success rate and yield faster results.  This is because the facial area has a more effective level of blood circulation than the top of the head.”

Many international patients travel to Turkey for beard transplants because of the region’s medical expertise in this procedure. Another perk patients find is that it’s often more affordable than going to a clinic at home. 

Procedure for the Perfect Beard

The hair used for beard transplants is most commonly taken from the side or back of the scalp, however chest hair may be used in cases where the patient does not have an adequate amount of hair which can be taken from the scalp.

The area from which the hair is taken, is usually referred to as the donor site. This part of the procedure is performed by a surgeon. The actual implantation of the hair follicles takes several hours and may be performed by a nurse specialist.

There two methods known for donor hair: FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicle Unit Transplantation). The FUE method is a more popular method used for beard transplants. An FUE transplant involves taking hair from the donor site on the body follicle by follicle, whereas FUT involves taking hair from the donor site in skin strips. Once the hair has been taken from the donor site, it is carefully transplanted to the beard.

Starting to grow on you

This newly implanted hair takes up permanent residence in its new home. As the hair grows and falls out or you shave, the root of that hair remains in place. Over time, new hair will sprout from this root and continue to grow as normal. Bear in mind, if you decide to have the procedure, it may take up to eight months to see the full results.