Beckham-endorsed fashion brand launches on Mr Porter

Kent & Curwen's new line was celebrated with a celebrity-strewn party, courtesy of Becks.

Neil Churchill November 28, 2016

David Beckham is a walking success magnet. It hasn’t mattered what he has turned his hand to since retiring from football – fashion, whisky, ambassador – he’s been the man with the Midas touch.

So if you want to know what his latest move has been, we have it for you; it’s called Kent & Curwen, and it’s about to launch globally on Mr Porter.

If you don’t know it, Kent & Curwen is a high-end menswear label that has actually been around since 1926, when Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen crossed paths on London’s famous tailoring street, Savile Row. It is there that the company still has its headquarters. 

The fashion brand went from making neckwear for British regiments to the iconic cricket sweater, from which the family crest inspired the Three Lions emblem of English sporting teams. The Mr Porter items are made up of 21 pieces from the brand’s new collection, which debuted in September at London Fashion Week.

So why is Becks involved today, and has he actually had a genuine input or is he just a celebrity endorsement? We’re glad to say that it appears to be the former. 

Beckham and Kent & Curwen’s creative director, Daniel Kearns, worked together to create the new vision for the brand. Becks also played a part in product development, market expansion and store aesthetic, apparently.

The new line is centered on classic gentleman staples, with a focus on heritage details. The rugby shirts look lived in and the t-shirts have that pre-washed appearance. There are also some military nods with shoulder straps and chevron markings. Think James Bond on dress down Friday.

The style collaboration was of course celebrated with a party in London and as is often the case when a famous name is involved in something such as this, the night was a magnet for other celebs. Along with Becks, Kearns and Mr Porter’s managing director Toby Bateman, was a respectable if random collection of famous faces, including Liv Tyler, Noel Gallagher, Jenna Coleman, Will Poulter and Beckham’s filmmaker pal Guy Ritchie. 

Will Kent & Curwen’s new line prove worthy of the Beckham touch? We’ll know tomorrow morning; the clothes go on sale on Mr Porter from November 29.