Dubai's newest VIP grooming den is just for guys

The exclusive new lounge at 1847's Emirates Towers branch includes literature and Apple TV. 

Robert Chilton December 7, 2016

Sitting in a barbershop chair, leaning back and having a hot towel placed gently on your face is a pretty nice way to banish the stress of another hard day at the office.

But imagine if this grooming treat was being administered in your very own VIP room, far away from the buzzing of hair clippers, and the snipping of scissors. That kind of private experience is now possible at the new VIP grooming room at the Emirates Towers branch of 1847.

EDGAR was first through the sliding door to the luxury studio, which has been decked out in dream bachelor pad style. A globe map of the world, a birdcage, shelves full of books and cool art on the walls are all nice touches, as is the brown and white cowhide rug on the floor. 

Framed photographs of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer were dotted around the room. Above the fireplace hangs a flatscreen TV loaded with Apple TV to keep you amused while the therapists tick off the items on your grooming to-do list. 

All of 1847’s spa menu is available in the VIP room, including facials, massages and haircuts. But to get the royal treatment in the separate chamber, guests must book a minimum of three treatments, and pay an additional fee of AED 500.

EDGAR tried a manicure, pedicure and beard trim, with a quickie 15-minute shoulder massage thrown in (it had been a tough week of deadlines). Our revamp began in the fabulous Italian barber’s chair and then moved to a gloriously comfortable Eames-style cream chair for the simultaneous mani and pedi.

The smiley staff even polished our shoes and brewed a lovely espresso macchiato. A quick spritz of one of the fragrances on the cabinet (Dolce & Gabbana’s The One in case you were interested) and we dashed off to our next meeting, taking one last, wistful glance at our VIP grooming den.