Famous watch collectors: Sachin Tendulkar

The Little Master has an arsenal of luxury watches, including some personalised Audemars Piguet pieces.

Meryl D'Souza May 23, 2016

According to a New York Times article, luxury wristwatch collectors have only been around for 20 years. So as far as collections go, it’s a relatively new phenomenon. 

The novelty may have something to do with the fact that collecting luxury timepieces is an expensive hobby. You either have to be rich or be a rich person’s kid to have your own.

To state the obvious, Sachin Tendulkar is a wealthy celebrity. But unlike athletes in the NBA or football, very few cricketers live like peacocks. Yes, they have the sports cars and MTV Cribs-like homes, but you wouldn’t find them flaunting their money around.

Sachin – who is in Dubai this week – falls into that understated cricketer lifestyle, his indulgences coming in the form of cars and luxury watches.

One of the best batsmen to ever play the sport, Sachin’s first watch was a knock-off Casio when he was nine years old. A young Tendulkar damaged that within days. India’s number 10 had to wait for another two years before getting an original Casio watch, and that’s where his watch obsession began. 

The Little Master has been a fan of watches ever since he was a kid and before he became a diehard fan and brand ambassador for Audemars Piguet, he had a collection of luxury watches including Franck Muller, Panerai, Girard-Perregaux and Rolex. 

Tendulkar is such an Audemars Piguet enthusiast, that while shooting for a men’s lifestyle magazine in 2009, he brought a jaw-dropping 10 Audemars Piguet watches from his private collection to the set. He is known to favour his Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph (which he wore during the 2011 Cricket World Cup) and his rose gold Offshore with a rubber strap.

Impressed by his loyalty and watch knowledge, Audemars Piguet designed a limited to 300 pieces Royal Oak Offshore (above), calling it the Audemars Piguet 'Sachin Tendulkar' Royal Oak Limited Edition, in his honour - notice the orange and green sub-dial hands, a nod to the Indian flag. 

That particular timepiece was auctioned off at Christie's 10th anniversary celebrations in Dubai earlier this year. But Sachin still has plenty more APs in his locker.

Source: GQ India