Gents, go to Harvey Nichols this weekend & get a free facial

Aussie grooming brand Grown Alchemist is treating Dubai dudes to a face fix-up.

Robert Chilton November 24, 2016

For most guys, grooming means squirting a bit of moisturiser into the palms of their hands and slapping it on their face before running out the door to jump in a cab. What perhaps men don’t realise is the science and research that goes into this ritual that is often over in less time than it takes Usain Bolt to run 100 metres.

Australian grooming brand Grown Alchemist pays close attention to the science of skincare, thanks to the expertise and care of one of its founders Jeremy Mujis. Jeremy is a scientist who, along with his brother Keston, founded the cool brand with the mantra of ‘cleanse, detox, activate.’ 

Men in Dubai can experience the organic, soothing range of creams, cleansers, gels and moisturisers with a free facial at Harvey Nichols this week. There’s no need to reserve a spot or even buy a Grown Alchemist product. Just turn up at the grooming section on the men’s floor of the department store in Mall of the Emirates, collapse into the huge armchair and let the therapist take you on a 12-step journey of grooming bliss.

The 30-minute treatment involves a cleansing cream and gel, toner, a pink grapefruit scrub, a cranberry clay mask, rosehip facial oil, two types of serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

All products are designed to stimulate collagen, which means you’ll walk out of Harvey Nichols looking (hopefully) a little younger than when you walked in. The facial deal is available until Saturday November 26.