Gucci just made tennis fashionable

The Italian brand has released several dazzling incarnations of its classic Ace sneaker.

Robert Chilton July 16, 2016

If you strolled through a typically stuffy tennis clubhouse wearing these outlandish trainers from Gucci you might cause quite a few splutters among the members.

The Italian brand has unleashed updated versions of its classic tennis shoe with the same power that Andy Murray unleashes one of his forehands.

Creative director Alessandro Michele, the fashion industry’s current superstar, has played with Gucci’s iconic Ace sneaker to create some truly distinctive and, in some cases, downright crazy footwear. 

More than a dozen models of the trainer have been produced by the Italian house, displaying a variety of symbols and motifs including fish, tigers, studs, spikes, thunderbolts, hares and bees in an array of colours and materials, but all come with a laminated snakeskin heel.

They're a a grand slam.