How every man in the UAE should look after his face

Aesop co-founder Suzanne Santos tells us how you can get that actor-like glow.

June 1, 2016

Just a few minutes per day is all it takes to look after your skin and prepare it for the dust, sunshine, humidity and air conditioning that the UAE serves up on a daily basis.

That’s the view of Suzanne Santos, skincare expert at the Australian brand Aesop, which carries a simple line of products for men.

We asked her for some advice on how every guy in town should be looking after their boat race. 

Use a cleanser

A man should cleanse his face as frequently as he showers. If that is once a day, before bed, a clean damp washcloth with a small amount of cleanser should be used. Alternatively, use a toner to remove the debris of the day.

A face that is washed without a cleanser, or using harsh domestic soap will be dry, uncomfortable and difficult to shave.

Common mistakes

Mistakes men commonly make when washing their face is that they use too little product and therefore they don’t capture the cleansing ingredients to remove dust, dead skin and pollutants. The entire face, and the neck, should be cleansed thoroughly.

Don’t deal in slivers

Facial scrub should replace general cleansing three times per week. There is no need to double cleanse on this day. The scrub should be of a natural fibre, with a gentle effect on the skin. The after effect should be one of smoothness ready for the application of a more nourishing treatment product.

Don’t neglect your face because of sleep

During sleep, air-conditioning results in a lack of humidity that undermines the skin. Use a night time treatment product, such as Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner as light moisturising protection. The day time use of a gel-like moisturiser, with aloe vera at its base, is an effective tool to defend the skin. 

Suzanne Santos is the co-founder of Aesop.