How to care for your suits in the Gulf

Six pointers for treating your stylish armour with the respect it deserves.

Meryl D'Souza June 30, 2016

We're often shocked at how we seen some men treat their suits. Sure they should withstand a hard day at work followed by some evening drinks, but suits were never meant to be your go to wardrobe choice for every occasion.

Too many guys don’t realise that due to the delicacy of the fibres, a suit's fabrics are prone to stretching and tearing. Even if it is a bespoke suit, you need to handle it with care. It’s the heart of your wardrobe, your suit of armour, and you need to take care of it.

To try and convince you to look after your two-piece better, we asked Brooks Brothers, the fashion house whose clientele includes John F. Kennedy, Katherine Hepburn, Stephen Colbert and Barack Obama, to help with some pointers.

Give it a brush-off
Wool is a natural fibre that holds onto dust, dirt and lint. If left unattended, it could end up damaging your suit. Brushing is an effective method to get rid of all that before it settles into the fabric. A clothing brush made from natural fibres is the best option. 

Beat the heat
You live in the desert, which isn't a great place for suits. Over exposure to high heat can actually melt the natural fibres, thus creating a shine - the same goes for when you clean it. Try to have seasonal suits which you can rotate throughout the year. 

Let it breathe
Instead of hanging in the closet directly after use, your suit should properly ventilate on a valet stand or chair. Fine suits are made from natural fibres, which require the circulation of air to stay fresh. Use a thick wooden hanger to help keep the shoulder shape and it will also absorb moisture. 

Crease control
Like all your other clothes your suit will wrinkle. Whatever you do, don't use a dry iron. If you have to, use a steam iron, but we recommend not ironing your suit at all. Sometimes you need to let the pros handle things for you. That said however, don’t give your suit in for dry-cleaning unless absolutely necessary. Too many trips to the laundry and the chemicals will damage the fibres.

Save the club soda for cocktails
The best way to counteract a fresh stain is to immediately blot the surface with a dry white cloth. Using water only causes the stain to set quicker. Despite the obvious inclination to do so, scrubbing just damages the natural fibres. All stubborn stains should be addressed by your dry cleaner.

Give it a break
If you like organising your suits by season - both events as well as climatic - be sure they are clean and pressed before packing them away. That way they should be ready to wear as soon as you need them, and it stops any moths looking for something to munch on.