How to choose the right swimming trunks for your body type

Didn’t work out for the summer? No problem. Here’s how you can still look great.

July 24, 2016

It’s summertime again and every Tom, Dick and Harry is hitting the beach on the weekends.

You’ve done your work in the gym, now how do you show off your beach body in the best possible way? Picking the most flattering swimwear for your body type is key, so read up on the following tips before opting for the best swim shorts.

Ditch the Speedos

No matter how hardcore you’ve been at the gym, no man deserves the humiliation of wearing Speedos in a recreational setting. Unless you’re going to a swim meet, or you’re Tom Daley, which you’re not, you should never consider slipping into them.

They offer close to no coverage and you’re better off going naked than showing up on the beach in what are essentially tighty-whities made from Spandex. Of course, if you’re European, go with what you’re used to and by all means sport your swim briefs with pride.

Mind your height

The shorter you are, the shorter you swim trunks need to be. You have to make your legs as long as possible, and keeping the hemline high gives that illusion. Check out styles that hit the mid-thigh area. The reverse applies to the taller bunch. Go for longer board shorts with hems that sit just a few inches above the knee so you don’t look too tall. Longer shorts (oxymoron, eh?) also help hide thin legs, if your wheels are lacking in width.

Cut a clean line

Slim guys look better with fitted trunks. I’m not saying compression-tight, show-your-bulge fitted, but just trim enough to maintain your silhouette. There’s nothing worse than seeing a thin man walking around in bloomers. Opt for button or Velcro-closure shorts rather than ones with garter waists. Those tend to bunch up in the middle, making you look like you’re wearing a ball of polyester.

Darker could be better

If you haven’t been able to make the necessary preparations for summer and you’re still carrying a little holiday weight all over, use the power of optical illusions to your advantage instead. Go for solid coloured shorts on the darker side of the spectrum to help you look just that bit leaner.

Throw on a top

You don’t really need to be topless just to enjoy a good time by the sea. You can always put on a white linen shirt (unbuttoned or otherwise) to hide any unsightly rolls of fat with a resolution to do better next summer. You can also wear nice a breezy tee in pure cotton – think of it as a way to save on sunblock.

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