Men’s must-have sunglasses this summer

But not the brands that everyone else has. 

Neil Churchill May 31, 2016

Everybody looks cooler wearing sunglasses, that’s a fact of life. But trying to find a pair of shades that aren’t commonplace on the nose of every other beachgoer is tricky.

This summer, stand out from the fashion sheep and get yourself a pair of sunnies that will have people wondering where you got them from, and then never tell them.

We recommend you start with the following.


If you’ve ever looked at a paparazzi snap of a celeb stepping out of a car, dark shades shielding their eyes and wondered what brand they are, it’s probably been Sama.

The LA company has focused on ‘fashion fusion’ for its menswear Spring/Summer line, combining beta-titanium metals with raw materials. Flat metal frames feature in its Combustion series while its vintage Numbers line is brought up-to-date with marble zyl. Choose a matte finish for further individuality.

Stocked at Cove Beach, Dubai. 

Ermenegildo Zegna

EZ has always been good at balancing its heritage with contemporary design, and that certainly applies to its eyewear game. The EZ0022 model has a timeless rounded shape, although the EZ0026 is more classic with its metal frames. But the 0024 and 0025 lines will really separate the men from the boys with their nylon monoblock lenses. Aviator fans, try the 0053 oversized line with its titanium frames. 

Stocked at Rivoli EyeZone, UAE. 


We may be in the era of disposable fashion, but you’ll never want to part with these Montblanc specs. The German brand has blended tradition with savoir-flaire for its S/S line, with lightness in colour throughout the range. The bold shapes and heavy details keep things distinctly male, but these will better suit the distinguished gent who rocks a classic style. 

Stocked at Rivoli EyeZone, UAE. 


Inspired by the ‘30s and the dawn of aviation, Web Eyewear has evolved from an age when glasses were first tested by pilots, and is unapologetically tied to its 80 year past. Favoured by F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, their eye-catching style is of course the missing bridge, but they also do some bold lenses and thick frames. A brand for the peacocks. 

Stocked at Rivoli EyeZone, UAE. 

G-Star Raw

We’ve been guilty of ignoring G-Star in the past, but ever since Pharrell teamed up with them we’ve been paying more attention - and we’re glad we have for their sunglasses alone. Clean and industrial, this summer’s line favours square shapes, geometric lines and reflective lenses. The hinge screws and cut-out tips add a strong urban and masculine look. 

Stocked at G-Star outlets, UAE.