New luxury online shop launching in Dubai

THE LIST will deal exclusively in rare and distinctive high-end products, offering a refined virtual shopping experience.

March 13, 2016

A new online shop for rare and fine luxury goods from around the world is launching in Dubai.

Founded by young European entrepreneur, Andreas Skorski, THE LIST will become one of the world’s most high-end online marketplaces, connecting international vendors of luxury goods to affluent buyers anywhere on the planet.

Dealing exclusively in rare and distinctive products, THE LIST promises to offer a refined virtual shopping experience, with round-the-clock access to some of the world’s most coveted brands and products.

Even before it has officially launched, THE LIST has already made an impression on the market, racking up 20,000 subscribers in its initial ten days.

The online boutique is currently running a referral campaign with its prizes reflecting the nature of the products it promises to sell, namely a luxury yacht cruise on the latest Riva model. Once the campaign has finished the fully fledged platform will be revealed.

The campaign has had a strong social media presence since its launch, but WhatsApp has also proved a fruitful way of spreading the message, with the application providing an immediate call to action.

Andreas Skorski, founder & CEO of THE LIST, has stated the company's ambitions, saying: “We want to connect the world of luxury goods online.”

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