Revealed: Men's fashion trends of 2016

The only way to stay ahead of fashion trends is to predict them. Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai does just that. 

Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai February 2, 2016

Last year, menswear was fashion’s fastest-growing sector in the industry. From what I’ve seen on the runways, brands are growing bolder and edgier each season and are becoming increasingly tougher to put together in your wardrobe. 

Here is the lowdown on the seven fashion essentials you’re going to see in menswear this year.

1. On safari
Look out for a more neutral and subtle look, such as earthy tones of olive green, khaki and ochre along with natural fabrics; it is going to be trending soon. Brands like Dunhill and Belstaff have taken the 20th century safaris for inspiration. For a more urban expedition, chinos, khaki field jackets and bush shirts will work well.

2. Athleisure
No one can get enough of trendy sportswear clothing. It has been redefined for the new leisure class. Tracksuit pants, sweatshirts, sneakers as well as greys, neons and shiny fabrics are definitely going to be the in thing.

This trend will continue to gain some steam, with other artistic tastes, from the runways to the gym. The great advantage of Athleisure is that it’s acceptable to wear suits with sneakers or an anorak with a shirt and tie. 

3. Shades of green
Military inspired clothing never seems to die out, especially for menswear. This season is more of a wider spectrum, with hues like bottle green at Burberry and jade at Brioni. Once spring hits, try wearing head-to-toe green. For some inspiration, have a look at Hermès to see how it’s done. 

4. Loosened and coloured suits
When were suits ever out of fashion? With a trim fit, suits will continue to loosen from the tight look men used to wear a few years ago. In terms of color, you want to stand out. There will be stripes and patterns or a fine-drawn weave in the suit, or some trendier navy shades instead of a regular navy.

This also applies to tuxedos featuring midnight navy-blue colors along with a black tie. Overall, suits will have a more conservative style, but will still be trim and embrace more color.

5. The cuban collar
Cuban collars have been immensely popular, especially back in the day. They provide fashion, comfort and class. In 2016, there will be a wider, more open version of classic shirt collars, something our grandfathers couldn’t get enough of back in the 1950s. If you are new to the ‘50s look, try plain, neutral designs and then match it up with slightly looser leg trouser. 

6. Arctic denim
Denim is here to stay.  This year, denim moves to a more icy winter pastel aspect, balanced with an infused grey cast. Most of menswear products will feature a fresh, cool dimension. It can be worn with formal shirts and leather footwear. Hermès, Maison Margiela and Antonio Marras have spread this trend at Fall/Winter 2015-16 fashion shows.

7. Jackets on jackets
It might sound messy. However, if you put them together, it will create clashes of color, texture and/or pattern. Casey-Hayford and Ermenegildo Zegna showcased this layering trend in their SS16 show.  To execute this trendy look without making a mess of yourself, choose lightweight layers such as cotton or nylon. Another tip is to focus on complementary cuts – keep your interior layers inside shorter, while keep the exterior relaxed and longer in length. 

Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai is founder of Jelena Bin Drai fashion label.