Should you embrace the oversized clothing trend?

Long sleeves, flapping jackets, baggy trousers – it all seems so wrong. 

October 6, 2016

You don’t have to be a fashion designer or a tailor on Savile Row to know that when it comes to menswear, cut is king.

Tailored clothing that sits next to the lines of your body is flattering, smart and elegant. It makes you look leaner; it reminds you to maintain good posture; it looks neat and tidy. In other words, it just looks good.

So the continuing trend for big, baggy ‘anti-fit’ clothing seen on catwalks is somewhat alarming. Long sleeves that will dip in your dinner, too-long trousers that might trip you up, coats and jackets that swamp your upper half – what is going on? 

Brands that have gone large include the likes of Kenzo, Lanvin, Paul Smith, Marni, and Tommy Hilfiger. But should you follow the trend? Probably not. It takes ‘a certain type of guy’ to be able to pull this off, (that’s fashion code for a male model).

In fact we’ve seen the oversized trend as a reminder of one of fashion’s golden rules: just because it’s fashionable doesn’t mean you should mimic it.

There’s a key difference between being stylish and being fashionable. In short, wear what suits you, not other people. And certainly not fashion models.