Style moves you can steal from Drake

Sure his music is good, but his sense of style is better.

Meryl D'Souza November 22, 2016

You’ve probably heard already but just to confirm, Drake will be in Abu Dhabi this weekend. The rapper will be in the UAE's capital city for two nights, partying at a pop-up event hosted by VIP Room at Yas Island venue Cipriani.

The RnB artist will be headlining both the Friday and Saturday nights. While we’re sure the music at both parties will be of epic proportions, here’s another thing you should pay attention to: Drake’s wardrobe. 

Not since Pharrell has a hip-hop artist made so many heads turn for making the right style choices. Any celebrity worth their salt can hire a stylist who’ll help make them look like a million bucks. Few can do it by themselves. 

Drake’s fashion sense, like his music, is relatable. It shouldn’t necessarily work – more often than not, the man’s wearing something made by his own brand, OVO – but it does. Here are a few ideas you can steal from the Canadian's wardrobe choices.

Real men wear pink

Always in touch with his feminine side, Drake doesn't simply flirt with the colour pink while deliberating on his wardrobe, he commits to it.  


Hoodies look good on just about anyone. The most versatile colour is obviously black. If you want to make the most out of your hoodie, wear an attitude like Drake’s. You know, try your best to look cool but on the surface, pretend like you don’t care how you look.

Rock the buzz cut

While most of his colleagues in the rap game go for dreads and cornrows, Drake prefers the buzz. He dabs in variations like a line or fades every now and then just to keep things interesting, but overall, he sticks to the buzz. The advantage is twofold: first, it’s his outfits that get all the attention. And second, he doesn’t spend any time on maintaining that coiffure. 

Bomber jackets and sweatpants work well

Drake hails from Canada. If you’re not wearing multiple layers over there, you die. It’s no wonder Drake’s layering game is so good. The man is addicted to collecting sweaters, but he knows how to pair his clothes well. Bomber jackets and sweatpants are a great combo for just about anyone to try out. They require zero fashion sense unlike a blazer with sweats.

Know how to get out of your comfort zone

Drake’s always turning heads with his sweatpants paired with crew neck tees and bomber jackets, but he does the same with a good suit. Sure, it’s great to stick with attire you’re comfortable in, but learn to be versatile when the situation demands it.