Style moves you should steal from Sherlock

There’s nothing elementary about his dress sense; here's how to pull it off.

October 30, 2016

Sherlock is back. At least, he will be. By the time we get to watch the first episode of series four of the BCC show, we will have waited three years for our favourite consulting detective.

Yes, there was a standalone special earlier this year, but it wasn’t canon. And truth be told, it was a tad boring considering it was a combination of everything good from the three series that preceded it. To put it bluntly: it was a rehashed plot line with a dash of new attributes.

Last week, BBC dropped the new trailer for Series 4 that, predictably, sent Twitter into a meltdown. If we’re being honest, we’re just as excited. You’ll see evidence of that in our November issue.

Despite the long wait (the series only premiers on January 1, 2017), there are quite a few things – including Benedict Cumberbatch's hair and Martin Freeman’s ‘stache – that have caught our attention over the years, the one thing we’ve always loved though is Sherlock’s wardrobe. Here are a few style moves you could steal from the detective. 


One of the statement pieces for Cumberbatch's Sherlock is his scarf. With winter coming to the GCC and temperatures set to hit low 20s, this is a good time to start improving on your scarf game.

Few men in the GCC dare to try this, so wearing one would immediately take you into a league of your own. You could opt for the European loop that Sherlock goes for in the series or just let it hang loose since we’re not in London.


We here at EDGAR are always quick to remind you of the powers of a well-tailored suit. Sherlock loves his too. The man may have chopped-off heads in his refrigerator, but he knows exactly what a man needs in his wardrobe: a Savile Row suit.

While you’re at it, please make sure you opt for two-buttoned suits and under no circumstances is it okay for you to button the lower one.


If you are to invest in shirts, make sure they’re slim. Apart from simply looking good by complimenting your frame, slim shirts don’t bulge out the minute you take a seat.


Ok, we’re cheating here since, technically, this will be part of your suit. But we had to make sure you got this just right. If you’re in decent shape, narrow-leg trousers can make you look like a Hollywood red-carpet veteran.


From what we can tell, Sherlock wears a Rotary watch when he’s on set, but that doesn’t mean he’s a dud when it comes to timepieces. Case in point, the video above.