TAG Heuer launches first Arabic smartwatch face

Street artist Yazan Halwani designed the calligraphy for the Middle Eastern digital dial.

Neil Churchill September 15, 2016

Last Wednesday, the tech world’s eyes were focused on San Francisco, and the launch of the iPhone 7 and, more specifically for smartwatch fans, the Apple Watch Series Two. EDGAR even jetted across the Atlantic to be there in person.

Much closer to home however there was other smartwatch news of a more luxury nature. TAG Heuer revealed a new watch face for its Carrera Connected; the world’s first Middle Eastern digital dial, in celebration of Eid al-Adha.

The Arabic art design is the result of the watch brand’s collaboration with Lebanese street artist Yazan Halwani, who specialises in modern calligraphy. 

It was a partnership that made a lot of sense to Halwani, an artist known for his modern and disruptive philosophy. “My approach is to use Arabic calligraphy in a way that can be understood by people not reading Arabic calligraphy,” he said. 

“Calligraphy is an art form that has stagnated and is very traditional whereas in my artworks, I try to always find new forms for it. The TAG Heuer Connected Watch fits this idea of breaking the rules and the tradition of an art form, which in its case is watchmaking.

“For the Arabic face specifically, my concept was to use the statement ‘Time Does Not Wait’ which refers to the need to rethink tradition in an art form or in our modern life; to move away from stagnation and adopt a more constructive attitude.” 

Since its launch in the region earlier this year, one of the Connected's main features has been the choice the wearer has to switch the face design, from traditional looks of a chronograph or Day-Date to creative designs inspired by their ambassadors, from Tom Brady to Martin Garrix. 

Whereas traditional watches with region specific or patriotic motifs can be rare and expensive to purchase, for Middle Eastern wearers or even just fans of calligraphy, TAG’s Connected has made giving your smartwatch that Arabic touch a whole lot easier. 

The new calligraphy design is now available for download on the Connected’s android platform. The Carrera Connected starts at AED 5,500. tagheuerconnected.com