The dinosaur clothing trend celebs can't stop wearing

Jared Leto, Kate Moss and Michael B Jordan are all fans of the Coach Rexy sweater.

Meryl D'Souza November 7, 2016

Celebrity style trends are weird. Some of them – like Fear Of God’s track pant-jeans hybrid – should never be worn, yet they work and reach that level of coveted exclusiveness.

Take a look at the jumper above. Notice that loud graphic motif that looks like something your grandma would have knitted for you as a child? Now imagine wearing that to your next boys night out. Yes, you’d be the butt of all jokes and you know it. 

Despite that, Hollywood is seemingly in love with this dinosaur jumper. Over the past few months, some of Hollywood’s most fashionable men and women – including the likes of style icon Jared Leto, Piaget ambassador Michael B Jordan, Kate Moss, James Franco and Luke Evans – have been strutting around proudly in the dino sweater. 

So what is it? It's the Coach Rexy sweater and retails at AED 2,500. Its intarsia-styled T-Rex is the work of Stuart Vevers for the brand's new label ‘Coach 1941’. Not limited to just jumpers, the Rexy line comes in sweatshirt and cashmere knit iterations. All feature the not-so rampaging dinosaur.

The more you look at it though, the more the Rexy grows on you. With winter coming to the Middle East, this seems like a perfect fit for your wardrobe. You know, for when you’re tired of wearing those reindeer jumpers and for when dressing like Sherlock Holmes is too much effort. 

Here are a few ways you could don that Rexy style: