Blitz your body with a hammam fit for a king

The 90-minute Royal Moroccan at Jazz Lounge Spa is the treatment you didn’t know you needed.

June 29, 2017

Going for a swim after a full body scrub is a sensory experience you need to tick off your grooming bucket list (what do you mean, you don’t have a grooming bucket list?). With your dead skin sloughed off, you glide through the water like an eel, feeling as fast as Michel Phelps on a gold medal-winning swim.

EDGAR tried the Royal Moroccan Bath at Jazz Lounge Spa, an invigorating 90-minute blitz of soaping, scrubbing and steaming in a room lined with a pretty mosaic of blue tiles. Lying on a marble slab for much of the treatment, it felt like we were cocooned in an elegant Moroccan morgue.

The eucalyptus in the black baldi soap sent an air raid siren to our skin that it was about to be assaulted. After being soaped up in the sitting position we were told to lie down and covered in a plastic sheet to let the steam do its thing for 15 minutes. 

The soap was rinsed off by the therapist who then unleashed his secret weapon: the scrubbing mitt. For goodness sake, tell him to take it easy because if he goes full throttle it’ll be brutal. If, however, you want your skin sandblasted and you can take the pain then you’re a braver man that us. The gunk that peels off your body is alarming, disgusting and satisfying all at the same time.

We must admit our memory of the numerous stages of the treatment became a little sketchy after this – we can’t take a notepad in a hammam bath after all. As far as we can recall, after the scrubbing blitz came a mask of elderflower to calm the skin. Then the plastic sheet was wrapped around us and we were left to steam for five minutes.

Once unwrapped like a bad sandwich in a service station, the mask was rinsed off, liquid soap was smothered all over, then a soft soapy scrub, followed by another mask of amber and argan. The mud mask for hair and face made us look like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now.

We re-entered the world with our old selves flushed down the plug hole and a squeaky clean, born again skin ready for a summer holiday.

AED 420 for 90 mins;