Care about your hair

Top tips from Niall Keegan at Chaps & Co barbershop in d3

Robert Chilton October 25, 2017

TIP: Don’t scratch your scalp when shampooing

This weakens the hair follicles and can cause irritation. Massaging your scalp during shampooing promotes circulation, which encourages healthy hair growth.


TIP: Don’t use cheap shampoo

The chemicals affect the scalp and the condition of your hair. Invest in a good quality shampoo.

TIP: Don’t put product in your hair while it’s wet

This is a common mistake that most men make. While the water is still in your hair it will dilute the product making it less effective and you won’t be able to achieve the look you’re after. Also, don’t use too much product.


TIP: Don’t use a hairdryer on high heat

The hairdryer should be on normal heat and speed setting. When your hair is in the shape you want, quickly turn on the cold setting for about 30 seconds to help freeze hair into place.

TIP: Know what you want

A lot of clients ask for a skin fade and when I finish they say they didn’t want it that short. To avoid this happening show your barber a picture of a similar haircut you want or talk with your barber first to see what they think will look best on you.