Fancy a scrub at Dubai’s largest spa

Head to The Westin Dubai in Al Habtoor City for the Gentlemen’s Hot Scour treatment.

Robert Chilton May 17, 2017

Many spa treatments a that claim to be aimed at men still use unisex products which often feel (and smell) girly. But the Gentlemen’s Hot Scour treatment at The Westin Dubai in Al Habtoor City is not one of those. This isn’t just scrub, it’s a scour.

Our therapist Akom used a blend of warm agave oil and Kentucky whiskey scrub named Bourbon Bubbler from the FarmHouse Fresh company to annihilate any dead skin. What’s good about this 30-minute fix is that there are no silly frills; this is a masculine fix that gets the job done.

You won’t hear a peep about auras, journeys or emotions during this spa treatment. You are simply scrubbed from toe to neck and wiped clean with a hot towel. Take a rinse in the spa’s giant shower afterwards and you may well be in the mood for an Old Fashioned. 

AED 275 for 30 minutes;