Living life to the fullest

You’re busy, we get it, but you only have one life, which is why Marks & Spencer wants you to “Spend It Well”.

Sponsored by Marks & Spencer May 11, 2017

Think about your life for a minute. When was the last time you did something for yourself just because it made you happy? What you’ve accomplished professionally is commendable, but what are you doing for that inner peace? You deserve to be happy, in fact, you owe it to yourself.

That’s the message M&S wants you to take away from its new “Spend It Well” drive. The retailer is reminding its customers that they have just one life and should live it to the fullest. 

The idea is simple: make the most out of everything you’re doing. Forget about what society wants and thinks about you and just put yourself first for once. The focus here is not on big, life-altering decisions; just the little adjustments that will make you feel empowered and confident every day.

Think of the little things you love doing for a minute. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, driving to work in your new car, going for an afternoon run to relax your mind or simply going to the beach for a fun family day out. Whatever it is, do it. 

You don’t need to wait for an occasion to do something you love. Wearing your favourite clothes rather than saving them for special occasions, getting home in time to read the kids a bedtime story, making time to watch your favourite team, are simple choices that achieve a lot.

You may notice that we’ve emphasised on dressing up a bit. That’s because – like we’ve told you in the past – clothing has a significant effect on your self-esteem and confidence levels. Besides, where else are you going to get swimwear with quick-dry technology and crease-resist linen other than M&S?

But don’t let us limit you. Like M&S says in its minute-long video, “Life’s short and spending it well isn’t always about saying yes. It’s sometimes having the conviction to say no.”

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