Smelly watch strap? Here’s the golden fix

EDGAR shows you how to rid your leather watch strap from odours.

Robert Chilton February 15, 2017

Luxury goods are made with a great deal of thought, expertise and artistry, and they’re built to last – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some care and attention every once in a while.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way in preserving those precious items you worked hard to install in your wardrobe. EDGAR recently had a whole Saturday with nothing in the diary and so decided to whip our treasured possessions into shape. Shoes were polished, spectacles were cleaned, suits were taken to the dry cleaners and shirts were ferried to the menders.

But it was a watch strap that required the most TLC. Leather + hot country + sweat = disaster. A big, nasty, smelly disaster. EDGAR employed on an old trick picked up years ago that banishes watch strap smells quicker than you can say ‘Patek Philippe.’ 

Go to the supermarket and pick up a small tub of baking soda (you might only be able to find bicarbonate of soda, which is fine, it’s pretty much the same thing). Put a couple of teaspoonfuls of the powder in a mug and add some water. Mix the two ingredients until they become the consistency of toothpaste. 

Carefully smear the paste onto the underside of your watch strap, the side that sits next to your wrist. Don’t put it on the side of the strap that the world sees when you wear your watch. Leave your watch outside in the fresh air for an hour.

Bring your watch inside and carefully brush off the white crust with a towel. Et voila – your leather watch strap now smells as fresh as a spring day.